Sundays with Stassi: Giants do fall.

Our recent church series has been titled “Daring Faith” and has been filled with new ways of looking at examples of faith based on traditional bible stories. Today’s lesson was about David and Goliath, but specifically about Giants. Of course this got me to thinking about the literal meaning of a giant. At first thought, I’m like everyone else and I thought about someone who is really tall. However, when you think about Giants in terms of life, then we know it’s not about a tall person. When I first searched “Giants” I uncovered Giant food store, giant bicycles & other results not related to what I was looking for at all. Finally I decided to check an online dictionary and found this definition: “apersonorthingofunusuallygreatsize,power,importance,etc.;majorfigure;legend:” What stood out most to me was that a giant is something of great power or importance in our lives. It makes us feel like…

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