My drive to continue to eat healthy and move more is all about my desire to live longer and to feel better. I don’t want to be on medications that are avoidable and I simply want to enjoy my days on earth. My fitness journey isn’t necessarily about a certain number on my scale or tape measurer, but more about understanding what activities I enjoy and which foods nourish vs inflame my body.

I was active growing up – dance, cheerleading, softball – until I graduated from college. As my weight slowly increased while working in the lab and writing in the library, I began my fitness journey as a graduate student. My personal trainer helped me to unleash the beast on the inside of me that was always just waiting to be challenged. From that time, I started running and working out. I have completed several 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and one marathon. I have dialed back on the number of miles I log on the pavement, but I’ve picked up other fitness goals like becoming stronger and more flexible.

However a healthy lifestyle is a day to day choice with many ups and downs over time…especially with food!! I love to try new food dishes, but I don’t really consider myself a foodie. I just LOVE food…especially desserts (they are my weakness). My “diet” or shall I say food lifestyle can be considered pesco-pollo vegetarian these days as most of my meals are with poultry or fish or vegan and my dairy consumption is limited.

My fitness pages will be filled with new fitness adventures and my experiments with food because there are several activities and food that I am excited about trying out!