Sundays with Stassi: Island Lessons Pt. 1 (Week 1 edition)



  1. My apt can NOT have a beautiful view…especially if I have an early morning class. Waking up to the beauty of the sea that stretches far past the horizon or the mountains with houses tucked into it’s side, does not allow for the thought of productivity to enter into my mind.
  2. Fresh fruits/veggies is probably all I can afford. My first grocery store visit came with the hard reality that I have to completely change my eating habits…but then again…that has been the plan anyway. I have been reading all about the need to eat less processed foods, so being on the island will help with that because the price tag on processed foods does not seem to fit into my food budget. Luckily, there is ton of fresh fruits and veggies around so I guess it’s time to knock the dust off of my juice & blender!

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