Sundays with Stassi: Giants do fall.

Our recent church series has been titled “Daring Faith” and has been filled with new ways of looking at examples of faith based on traditional bible stories. Today’s lesson was about David and Goliath, but specifically about Giants. Of course this got me to thinking about the literal meaning of a giant. At first thought, I’m like everyone else and I thought about someone who is really tall. However, when you think about Giants in terms of life, then we know it’s not about a tall person. When I first searched “Giants” I uncovered Giant food store, giant bicycles & other results not related to what I was looking for at all. Finally I decided to check an online dictionary and found this definition: “apersonorthingofunusuallygreatsize,power,importance,etc.;majorfigure;legend:” What stood out most to me was that a giant is something of great power or importance in our lives. It makes us feel like…

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Sundays with Stassi: Healthier Eating


Every trip to the mainland is filled with shopping nowadays. Mostly food shopping as I search for less expensive high quality organic food. So, the last time I was there I spent some time in one of those very small, in the middle of downtown in a major city Whole Foods Market. How delighted was I to be reacquainted with some decent prices for high quality food!! I went for grains and beans since those are pretty easier to toss in my suitcase, which I finally got TSA approved locks for since I’ve had waaay tooooo many luggage mishaps in the last 9 months. No, seriously…One time my luggage arrived with one of my packages of Oreos missing like 3 or 4 cookies like I wouldn’t realize the seal was broken or that one row had tons more movement than the other. Oh and another time my bag came off…

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Sundays with Stassi: FB memories…modern time capsules?

Are you on Facebook?
Do you get those “On this day…” memories that pop up out of nowhere on your timeline?
Well, I do and let me just tell you that those memories speak LIFE into my life. It’s amazing how these old posts can remind you of what was going on in your life 1 year ago, 2 years ago, or even 5 or more years ago. You can see a snapshot of the things that you have gone through, both joyous and saddening, but most importantly how you reacted to those times. I have noticed that when I am reminded of posts that occurred during some of my most difficult times, they are usually filled with scripture and encouragement to other people rather than me dwelling on the negative of my life. I am thankful to have a spirit that enables me to encourage others during the times…

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Sundays with Stassi: MOM. Enough Said

Dedicated to my mom…

How many of us have them…Friends

Ones we can depend on…

Each. and every. one. of us.

If we’re truly honest with ourselves

If we search deep within

We KNOW. From the soul of our being that we can replace Friends with another…
How many of us have them…


Ones we can depend on…

Well. I can speak. For. myself.

When I really think about my childhood

When I remember the sacrifices

I KNOW. From the soul of my being that I can’t replace her with another…
My rock, my confidant, my sounding board, my travel buddy, MY plus one…


Thank you for knowing your role.

A calm, gentle, loving soul when I needed a mom

torub cream on my chest when I was stuffy at night,

To bandage my knees when I fell off of my bike,

To tell me


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Sundays with Stassi: Mayday! Mayday!

I remember running around a pole with ribbon as a child at school. Never really understood why…still don’t…I did some google searches about May Day and found out a few things but nothing that really stood out to me. However, I think I most identify with the historical celebration of summer on May 1st, especially considering the recent Carnival celebrations here on island. It is fitting for May 1st to roll in on the heels of our Carnival celebration. It’s been a month-long celebration in anticipation of summer. Well, I’m sure that is not the historical context for Carnival, but that’s exactly how it has felt to me.
So, back to May day celebrations, and what they mean to me. Well, usually I would welcome summer, that is when I was living in places like Illinois and Arkansas and even Georgia to some extent. If it had been a long…

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Sundays with Stassi: JOY comes in the morning

“For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭30:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I think there’s a difference between happiness and joy. I can be sad and joyful at the same time! Happiness is an emotional response to a particular circumstance or situation, whereas JOY is a state of being or the way I approach life. For instance, in my last job there were many days of anger, frustration, disappointment, and sadness about how me and my students were treated by the administration. However, I believed that God was/is with me and that He had/has a plan for my life…to prosper and not harm me despite the situation that I was in. Therefore I still approached my life in joy. I smiled and I spoke life to my students and colleagues because I knew that…

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Sundays with Stassi: I never imagined I could do ACTING…part 2

img_5619PART 1 | PART 2

The past 2 months have been an emotional journey that culminated in the past 2 weekends of becoming Dilys. Dilys is a 35 year old mother of 3 and wife of a wandering lawyer. She’s heard about his indiscretions, but has focused on keeping home and her children in place. However, there are various events that take place during their 10th Anniversary celebration night out that forces her to confront what she’s been avoiding.

Now a little about me…I’m a 32 year old single woman, never married, with no children and seemingly no commonality with Dilys. However, I’m the youngest of my mom’s 3 children and that’s where the comparisons get interesting. My mom birthed me when she was 28 years old and was divorced by the time I was old enough to go to school. As a Christian adult believing in the marriage covenant…

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Sundays with Stassi: I never imagined I could do… ACTING – part 1

I never imagined I could do…ACTING!!!
I have never been afraid of performing in front of people since I grew up dancing, cheerleading & playing softball. I have even given speeches before…as Valedictorian of my High School class, President of the Honor Society, and various academic presentations throughout the years. In fact, class lecturing is really just another performance in front of my students. However with all of these experiences, I’m either not talking or have notes available to assist me, but theater is different! I actually have to memorize everything I have to say and portray the correct nonverbal gestures like facial expressions and body movement on cue.
A few months ago I was minding my business walking to the parking lot to go home from work. This guy walks out of a door to the campus theater, which I pass by everyday, and…

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Sundays with Stassi: A Colorful Growth-Happy 18th Zakia

Dear Zakia,
The whimsical colorful nature of this picture reminds me of the growth that I have seen in you, my oldest niece. You have truly become your own person over these 18 years of your existence. Like flowers burst with color, I have seen you blossom into a beautiful young lady full of life and fun. The rolling hills symbolize those terrible teen mood swings & major attitude problems that we have had to endure on this journey of maturity, but I’m soooo happy that we are beyond those times. The hills beyond the horizon represent the ups and downs of adulthood that you will surely face through this life’s journey, but I hope during those times you will always remember God’s Words hidden in your heart.
During these last few years, you have been my rock, my G, my Girl! You have shown up when I’ve least expected…

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Sundays with Stassi: The Heavens opened up


     She was frustrated because she was quickly approaching her mid 30s and not quite where she thought she would be professionally or personally. She had made great progress in her career although she was still working hard to prove herself as an African American female in STEM. Her relatively nonexistent progress in her personal life was a daily reminder of what felt like failure in any progress towards starting a family.
     So, one day she sat all alone contemplating life. Where does she go from here? How does she proceed in her career? What does a dating life look like for her? Where does she fit in, in her new community? Will she make new friends? Will she finally meet that someone special?
     Then suddenly she looked up just as water seemed to begin to fall from the sky. She gasped at the thought of the Heavens opening…

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