Sundays with Stassi: A Colorful Growth-Happy 18th Zakia

Dear Zakia,
The whimsical colorful nature of this picture reminds me of the growth that I have seen in you, my oldest niece. You have truly become your own person over these 18 years of your existence. Like flowers burst with color, I have seen you blossom into a beautiful young lady full of life and fun. The rolling hills symbolize those terrible teen mood swings & major attitude problems that we have had to endure on this journey of maturity, but I’m soooo happy that we are beyond those times. The hills beyond the horizon represent the ups and downs of adulthood that you will surely face through this life’s journey, but I hope during those times you will always remember God’s Words hidden in your heart.
During these last few years, you have been my rock, my G, my Girl! You have shown up when I’ve least expected…

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