Sundays with Stassi: Healthier Eating


Every trip to the mainland is filled with shopping nowadays. Mostly food shopping as I search for less expensive high quality organic food. So, the last time I was there I spent some time in one of those very small, in the middle of downtown in a major city Whole Foods Market. How delighted was I to be reacquainted with some decent prices for high quality food!! I went for grains and beans since those are pretty easier to toss in my suitcase, which I finally got TSA approved locks for since I’ve had waaay tooooo many luggage mishaps in the last 9 months. No, seriously…One time my luggage arrived with one of my packages of Oreos missing like 3 or 4 cookies like I wouldn’t realize the seal was broken or that one row had tons more movement than the other. Oh and another time my bag came off…

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Sundays with Stassi: A lesson in Trust

trust in HIM

I received a text message from my walk/run group coordinator 3 days ago. It simply gave a location & time to meet for our Saturday morning run, and informed us that this location on another island would be our spot every other week for the next month. She then asked for us to respond whether we were in. I read the message and simply responded, “I’m in.” It took another day before I asked about the ferry ticket price, but as you can see I didn’t ask any other questions. I showed up early and still had no idea about the route or mileage or if I needed to bring anything with me. I had on my running clothes/shoes, a 20oz water bottle, car keys, ID & cash for ferry ticket. However, most endurance runners know that you need a water refill plan, possibly Gatorade, and a source to replenish…

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Sundays with Stassi: JOY at night?

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning…

But what if I don’t want to cry all night?

But what if my joy comes while I’m still weeping?

But what exactly is Joy?

Am I crazy if my weeping and joy intertwines?How does that work exactly?

What if I have joy in some areas of my life, but still feel like I’m weeping in others? Can that even happen?
As you can see, when I reflect on that one verse it brings up so many different questions for me. There are times when I feel like my weeping spills over into the morning during times when it should be nothing but joy. There are times when there are wonderful things going on in my life, but then the one or two areas that just don’t seem to be where I want them casts a shadow on…

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