Sundays with Stassi: Mayday! Mayday!

I remember running around a pole with ribbon as a child at school. Never really understood why…still don’t…I did some google searches about May Day and found out a few things but nothing that really stood out to me. However, I think I most identify with the historical celebration of summer on May 1st, especially considering the recent Carnival celebrations here on island. It is fitting for May 1st to roll in on the heels of our Carnival celebration. It’s been a month-long celebration in anticipation of summer. Well, I’m sure that is not the historical context for Carnival, but that’s exactly how it has felt to me.
So, back to May day celebrations, and what they mean to me. Well, usually I would welcome summer, that is when I was living in places like Illinois and Arkansas and even Georgia to some extent. If it had been a long…

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