Sundays with Stassi: Airplane mode?

It’s hard for some people to switch their mobile devices into airplane mode bc they feel disconnected…I LOVE it! How about you? When is your phone in airplane mode? Is your mind free to wonder while you are flying high?

I have said many times that my brain is most free, yet working the hardest when I have prolonged periods of time to myself to think away from home or work or any other everyday surroundings. When I lived on the mainland, these times would be during my 5-10 hour solo drives to visit mom or friends or during my “long run” training runs when I just wanted to be alone. It is usually during those times that God speaks directly to my heart, confirming things that I already felt in my spirit or when I come up with the best project ideas. However, the way my life is currently set up, I can drive from one end of the island to the other in traffic in less than one hour, so those long drives are now nonexistent. Furthermore, I’m still learning the island terrain and neighborhoods so my solo…

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