Sundays with Stassi: A St. Johnian Christmas…but more of a brief history lesson

Part 3 of an island Christmas experience…

The 3rd installment of my island Christmas experience was supposed to start off with my account of Christmas caroling on St. Thomas that ends in Emancipation Gardens with some sort of challenge at 6AM…but the way my life with family in town was set up, being a tour guide and taxi driver is exhausting so I slept right through the caroling experience! I was looking forward to it but my futon held me hostage that morning…
Yes, I have family in town because mom said she’s never ever spent a Christmas without me (y’all know I’m the baby girl 😃) so I have had several #islandadventures with them. We’ve done all sorts of Christmas sightseeing but the highlight has been the continuation of Christmas parties, which are still going on even today. The other day, we drove onto the car ferry to cruise on over to St. John, the smallest…

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