Sin Births Deep Wounds

In the moment,
it feels like love.
The hugs, the kisses, the staring deeply into each other’s eyes,
it feels like love.
Even afterwards,
laying in each other’s arms, basting in the joy of the desires of the flesh satisfied through physical acts…
it feels like love.
But the reality is…
The Spirit recognizes it as counterfeit,
as a separation from God
that leaves an unbearable emptiness on the inside
The emptiness highlights every negative feeling inside.
The insecurity, the loneliness, the faithlessness, the weaknesses, the shame, the depression…
every LIE from the enemy
that leaves an emotional and spiritual hole in the heart.
The struggle is real…
Even in the midst of it all,
He knows how we continually fall
to sin
and do exactly what we don’t want to do.
But He opens His arms and protects us anyway;
that is love.
The Grace, the mercy, the constant fight between the flesh and the spirit,
that is love.
In Every moment,
thanks be to God, for
He IS Love!

Photo: By Love_Heart_broken.svg: Nevit Dilmen (talk) derivative work: Nevit Dilmen (Love_Heart_broken.svg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

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