Sin Births Deep Wounds

In the moment,
it feels like love.
The hugs, the kisses, the staring deeply into each other’s eyes,
it feels like love.
Even afterwards,
laying in each other’s arms, basting in the joy of the desires of the flesh satisfied through physical acts…
it feels like love.
But the reality is…
The Spirit recognizes it as counterfeit,
as a separation from God
that leaves an unbearable emptiness on the inside
The emptiness highlights every negative feeling inside.
The insecurity, the loneliness, the faithlessness, the weaknesses, the shame, the depression…
every LIE from the enemy
that leaves an emotional and spiritual hole in the heart.
The struggle is real…
Even in the midst of it all,
He knows how we continually fall
to sin
and do exactly what we don’t want to do.
But He opens His arms and protects us anyway;
that is love.
The Grace, the mercy, the constant fight between the flesh and the spirit,
that is love.
In Every moment,
thanks be to God, for
He IS Love!

Photo: By Love_Heart_broken.svg: Nevit Dilmen (talk) derivative work: Nevit Dilmen (Love_Heart_broken.svg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Sundays with Stassi: Forbidden LOVE — The Preacher Man pt. 2


He called right after that meeting. He was nice. He was caring. He seemed to genuinely be concerned about my interests in ministry and where to place me. That conversation was completely innocent…but then it happened…he called again. It was about a week later and I was out of town on work-related business. He said he was just checking on me. He wanted to pray with me, so we started talking about me. —-Why did I move? What made me choose this church? Where do I work? Do I love my job? How much experience do I have serving in youth ministry?— We talked about a lot and I was comfortable sharing my story with him. After all, I was used to a youth pastor who was personable and easy to talk to whenever I needed to share. But this was different. There was something about his voice that mesmerized…

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Sundays with Stassi: Forbidden Love – The Preacher Man part 1

The Forbidden Love series continued…

I was in a state of spiritual insecurity, confusion, and loneliness. I felt like God had dropped me in the middle of the wilderness and left me there to “fend for myself.” So I made a decision to try. To try to find a church home, a family, a place to call my own. A place where I could reconnect spiritually, to meet new people in this new place that I was forced to call home, and to serve in ministry. So I found a place, attended it, and even joined. I knew I couldn’t just be a pew member, so I immediately signed up for the youth ministry. After all, that’s where I always felt the most comfort. My passion was ministering, encouraging, and mentoring the young people, especially teenage girls. In my previous youth ministry was where my teaching skills were improved and where my spirit man on…

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Sundays with Stassi: Forbidden LOVE – The Single Guy

Forbidden Love…

He was a beautiful specimen. Single, no children, professional, and in that perfect age range. He lived on his own, so he was great at “keeping house” and even making some pretty tasty meals. More importantly, he loved the Lord and was growing in his relationship with Him. He cared for me. I could tell. We started spending too much time together, so THE TALK was imminent… “I’m not ready for a relationship. I’m not sure what I want.” That’s what he said, but his actions screamed, “I want you by my side. Don’t leave me. Give me a chance.” He had been hurt before. It was hard for him to trust again. His heart was under lock and key. I tried time and time again, but I couldn’t break through the walls. I gave up. I left.
According to the urban dictionary forbidden love is when you love someone…

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Dreams of Consciousness

I think this was my very first post…

*based on Erykah Badu’s Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)


I Found

The Love of my life
You are my friend.
The Love of my life,
But are you a dude I can depend
The Love of my life,
But how can there be a happily ever after if right now I’m not happy
Even after
Walks in the park,
Movies, drinks and Hanging out past dark.
Emotional rollercoaster going up and down
Mental merry-go-round spinning ’round ‘n ’round
But I found
The Love of my life
You are my friend.
The Love of my life
Until you are transformed into a dude I can depend
The Love of my life,
But there will be a happily ever after
As soon as you become happy
With who you are for-ever
He renews the Spirit in you.
The Love of my life.

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Sundays with Stassi: Single. Satisfied.

Are you Single? Are you satisfied?

PART 1 | PART 2 PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6

As a single woman in the beginning of my 30s, I often hear questions related to my dating life…or lack there of…Every time I see grandma she makes sure she slides in some comment about me meeting a nice young man regardless of the conversation. I wonder if guys my age have to endure these same conversations…

Usually I want to scream out loud: YES, I AM STILL SINGLE! NO, I DON’T NEED A MAN. YES, I DESIRE TO BE MARRIED ONE DAY HOWEVER I AM OK IN MY CURRENT SITUATION. Unfortunately, I know that is not proper, lady-like behavior so I just endure those conversations like a G with a smile on my face. Silently, I amuse myself because the main people who have those talks with me are…single…so usually while he/she…

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Thankful Thursdays – Heeeey Momma

I’m thankful that God entrusted me to my mommy, a loving, caring, kind, praising, strong black woman. I didn’t know it at the time but she taught me so many lessons that have impacted my life without even knowing it… simply because it was the right thing to do. I’m thankful that she raised me to develop my own relationship with my dad and his family without inserting any feelings of anger or bitterness into my mind. I’m thankful that despite a marriage that simply didn’t work, she always had (still has) an open door for the extra kids…I mean Jasmine & Neko practically lived with us on the weekends when I was growing up and even now Shaniya is always welcomed for sleepovers. This open door instilled in me a sense of home sharing & a reminder that God blesses us in different ways to BE a Blessing.

For the last 2 yrs she has watched and listened to my despair and frustration at work and has constantly told me that I could come Home at any time. So this year I decided to step out on Faith, pack my stuff & made arrangements to move home. I’m thankful that her house is not just a Home, but Shelter in the time of need. Especially this summer! My brother and his family as well as myself all moved back home this summer. It was a little weird to be in my childhood room with all of my adult belongings, but I made it work…

Now, as I sign a new lease, I can’t help but to reflect on my other homes. From the time I got my own apartment in Albany, GA, it was a place of comfort for my friends. I think back to my Carbondale days and how my apt was a refuge for my HS girls when they wanted to get away from home and even in Little Rock my college girls took refuge when they needed to escape campus. As I embark upon this new journey, I thank God for blessing me with an affordable & comfortable place to call my own (including some pretty darn good neighbors) so that I can continue to be a blessing for those that He brings into my life.

New Island Girl,

Stassi Nicole