Sundays with Stassi: Forbidden LOVE — The Preacher Man pt. 2


He called right after that meeting. He was nice. He was caring. He seemed to genuinely be concerned about my interests in ministry and where to place me. That conversation was completely innocent…but then it happened…he called again. It was about a week later and I was out of town on work-related business. He said he was just checking on me. He wanted to pray with me, so we started talking about me. —-Why did I move? What made me choose this church? Where do I work? Do I love my job? How much experience do I have serving in youth ministry?— We talked about a lot and I was comfortable sharing my story with him. After all, I was used to a youth pastor who was personable and easy to talk to whenever I needed to share. But this was different. There was something about his voice that mesmerized…

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