Sundays with Stassi: When you see me running…An Early Morning Runner’s Dilemma

Arguments with self…


Yesterday’s long run attempt started like any other Saturday morning. I woke up at 5:15AM, rushed to the bathroom for the morning ritual and then spent the next 10 minutes arguing with myself…
Me: I should just go back to bed
Myself: No, I said I would show up today
I: Ughhhh why am I awake!
Me: But I can just tell them I changed my mind or I overslept
Myself: Now you know your word is all you got
I: Ughhhh so why am I awake
Me: Just go back to sleep
Myself: no, but I’m already awake
I: yea, why am I awake! It’s too early for this
Me: ok, I can just go run later. The gym opens at 8. I can just get some miles in on the treadmill. So I can sleep another 2 hours
Myself: now how often in the past has that actually…

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