Overcoming FEAR #journeytohandstand

I have been in pursuit of mastering (well actually doing one for the first time) a handstand off and on for the last couple of years. I can walk up the wall, but didn’t think I was strong enough to completely hold the handstand. Then reality struck me like a ton of bricks…my strength isn’t the problem. Yes, I can definitely stand to build more upper body and core strength, but that isn’t what is holding me back. It’s FEAR. Good ‘ole fashion FEAR. I am afraid of falling on the top of my head…again…yeah that happened back in high school when I was attempting to learn how to complete a back handspring. Needless to say that after falling on the top of my head, I pretty much gave up that dream. But it was that experience that was holding me back from my handstand victory!! So today, I built up the courage to try a headstand. I realized that in order to overcome my fear of falling on my head, I just needed to stand on top of my head…ok so I’m not sure if that thinking was rational but it made sense to me! So today I tried. I started with yoga blocks but they didn’t quite work for me so I tossed them aside and went for it.

img_9821         img_9823

It took a few tries, but I was finally confident enough to kick my legs up to the wall and balance on top of my head.

I did it!! I did a headstand!! I overcame my FEAR and finally tried the upside down thing!…and it felt GREAT! No, it wasn’t the handstand that I’m aiming for, but it was progress. #journeytohandstand #progress #yogichronicles


“Standing twists require leg strength, balance and stamina. Your mental fortitude improves when you challenge your body in a Twisted Lunge or Twisted Chair.” Twists are essential to my yoga practice and daily stretching routines. Especially on days when I’m in my office sitting for more than 10 minutes lol it helps to keep me loose as I have been having lower back issues for the last six months. Strength, balance and flexibility are important to me and what I am focusing on improving for this year, and twisting poses certainly help in all areas.
Be kind to your spine & twist it out! 

#twistedlunge #yogiinthemaking 

For more info about the benefits of twisted yoga poses check out: http://www.livestrong.com/article/351542-what-are-the-benefits-of-yoga-twists/

#wednesdayworkouts = fav yoga pose

I have been into yoga off and on for over a decade. In fact, I stumbled across my official transcript from undergrad and realized that I actually took a yoga class for credit (although I really don’t even remember that but always wonder how I learned the yoga poses). Well, recently I have re-ignited my goals of mastering handstands, so I have added yoga back to my fitness routine. I have to admit that one of my favorite yoga poses is Savasana (shah-vah-sah-nah). Savasana translates to “corpse posture” but I like to refer to it as Final Relaxation because I don’t want to think of myself as imitating death…

To do this pose, the entire body is relaxed into the ground, releasing tension in ALL areas of the body.


Benefits include:

  • Decreases in blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, and overall anxiety
  • Increases in memory and concentration as well as energy levels

There are also reports that savasana reduces insomnia, headaches, and fatigue.


Sundays with Stassi: When you see me swimming…


Apparently being a non swimmer on an island is frowned upon…
Apparently the “must be able to swim” portion of preferred qualifications was left off of my job description…
Apparently a lifetime of being landlocked doesn’t matter to these people…
Apparently swimming is sorta like riding a bike so if you learned the basics before, then your body just kinda know what to do later…
Apparently snorkeling is a totally different beast…
After close to 6 months in this new job, I can’t count how many people have asked me how often I go to the beach. I mean I drive by a beach (that is actually on campus) everyday to and from work, but honestly I am not on the beach as often as I would like. Mostly because a solo beach trip gets boring pretty quickly. However, in an effort to awaken my swimming skills and learn so…

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Sundays with Stassi: When you see me running…An Early Morning Runner’s Dilemma

Arguments with self…



Yesterday’s long run attempt started like any other Saturday morning. I woke up at 5:15AM, rushed to the bathroom for the morning ritual and then spent the next 10 minutes arguing with myself…
Me: I should just go back to bed
Myself: No, I said I would show up today
I: Ughhhh why am I awake!
Me: But I can just tell them I changed my mind or I overslept
Myself: Now you know your word is all you got
I: Ughhhh so why am I awake
Me: Just go back to sleep
Myself: no, but I’m already awake
I: yea, why am I awake! It’s too early for this
Me: ok, I can just go run later. The gym opens at 8. I can just get some miles in on the treadmill. So I can sleep another 2 hours
Myself: now how often in the past has that actually…

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Sundays With Stassi: When you see me running…5 tips to make me smile, not curse


I’m a runner. I’m a Runner.I AM A RUNNER
My running journey started casually in 2010 with occasional walk/runs around the 2.2 mile lake on campus. I loved this experience because it was secluded enough for privacy but still in the middle of campus in case I needed any emergency assistance. Once I moved on to Little Rock and joined Black Girls Run! Little Rock, I began to run in the wee hours of the morning with an amazing group of ladies. My solo runs would always be on the city running trails because I like to be alone. However, now, I am back in my hometown…a very small, country town in GA…and O.M.G. I absolutely HATE to run in my hometown! There’s no group support or scenic route or trails that I’m familiar with. I hate running on treadmills and tracks because they make me feel like…

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