Sundays With Stassi: When you see me running…5 tips to make me smile, not curse

I’m a runner. I’m a Runner.I AM A RUNNER
My running journey started casually in 2010 with occasional walk/runs around the 2.2 mile lake on campus. I loved this experience because it was secluded enough for privacy but still in the middle of campus in case I needed any emergency assistance. Once I moved on to Little Rock and joined Black Girls Run! Little Rock, I began to run in the wee hours of the morning with an amazing group of ladies. My solo runs would always be on the city running trails because I like to be alone. However, now, I am back in my hometown…a very small, country town in GA…and O.M.G. I absolutely HATE to run in my hometown! There’s no group support or scenic route or trails that I’m familiar with. I hate running on treadmills and tracks because they make me feel like…

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