Thankful Thursdays – Heeeey Momma

I’m thankful that God entrusted me to my mommy, a loving, caring, kind, praising, strong black woman. I didn’t know it at the time but she taught me so many lessons that have impacted my life without even knowing it… simply because it was the right thing to do. I’m thankful that she raised me to develop my own relationship with my dad and his family without inserting any feelings of anger or bitterness into my mind. I’m thankful that despite a marriage that simply didn’t work, she always had (still has) an open door for the extra kids…I mean Jasmine & Neko practically lived with us on the weekends when I was growing up and even now Shaniya is always welcomed for sleepovers. This open door instilled in me a sense of home sharing & a reminder that God blesses us in different ways to BE a Blessing.

For the last 2 yrs she has watched and listened to my despair and frustration at work and has constantly told me that I could come Home at any time. So this year I decided to step out on Faith, pack my stuff & made arrangements to move home. I’m thankful that her house is not just a Home, but Shelter in the time of need. Especially this summer! My brother and his family as well as myself all moved back home this summer. It was a little weird to be in my childhood room with all of my adult belongings, but I made it work…

Now, as I sign a new lease, I can’t help but to reflect on my other homes. From the time I got my own apartment in Albany, GA, it was a place of comfort for my friends. I think back to my Carbondale days and how my apt was a refuge for my HS girls when they wanted to get away from home and even in Little Rock my college girls took refuge when they needed to escape campus. As I embark upon this new journey, I thank God for blessing me with an affordable & comfortable place to call my own (including some pretty darn good neighbors) so that I can continue to be a blessing for those that He brings into my life.

New Island Girl,

Stassi Nicole

Ice Cream Sunday

Sunday Funday!

ice creamToday I enjoyed a tasty treat after church. My realtor mentioned that she stops by this ice cream truck on Saturdays and I was surprised to see it in the same parking lot on Sunday, so I braved through a few back streets and one ways to turn around to try out the ice cream! The ice cream is homemade and the wonderful creaminess and deliciousness emanating from that waffle cone made the twists and turns of the not-so-much of a U-turn well worth it. I chose to mix together a scoop of butter pecan and coconut and you can definitely taste the difference in this homemade heaven versus the store bought stuff. I think homemade ice cream and a stroll along the waterfront sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon treat for me…

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