Sundays with Stassi: Single. Satisfied.

Are you Single? Are you satisfied?

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As a single woman in the beginning of my 30s, I often hear questions related to my dating life…or lack there of…Every time I see grandma she makes sure she slides in some comment about me meeting a nice young man regardless of the conversation. I wonder if guys my age have to endure these same conversations…

Usually I want to scream out loud: YES, I AM STILL SINGLE! NO, I DON’T NEED A MAN. YES, I DESIRE TO BE MARRIED ONE DAY HOWEVER I AM OK IN MY CURRENT SITUATION. Unfortunately, I know that is not proper, lady-like behavior so I just endure those conversations like a G with a smile on my face. Silently, I amuse myself because the main people who have those talks with me are…single…so usually while he/she…

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