Sundays with Stassi: Family Matters

Why does your family matter to you?

No, not the tv show, but rather my thoughts on family…

family matters

Recently, my family went on another of our family vacations. Over the years we’ve done quite a few vacations together, joining my mom’s siblings and their families. It’s rare that all 8 of them and families are together and even this time it was only 7 of them. The cruise departure day was my birthday and I was excited to celebrate with my cousins. After some confusion we all were finally onboard and dinner time neared. I arrived to dinner at our scheduled 6PM time and just sat there. It was a table for 12 but no one else showed up. I was angry and very disappointed and then 40 minutes later my big sis and oldest niece showed up and sat with me so I wouldn’t eat alone. I didn’t call but they just kind of appeared out…

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