I’ve been wrecking my mind
Just trying to define
The beauty that I see
When the sun is staring at me
Just before it emits its greatest shine
Signaling that it’s completed its time
For this day.

But the words escape me
This indescribable glory that be
Stretching across the horizon like
Those famous across the court dunks by Mike
Listening to the sun’s last cry before it falls
Into the darkness that engulfs all
In the night.

  IMG_1793      IMG_1791

Sundays with Stassi: PEACE beyond Understanding 

Where do you find peace?

Growing up I always heard the bible verse that talks about having the Peace that Surpasses ALL understanding, but never really fully understood what it meant. After going through a few storms and figuring out how to not go crazy in the midst of those storms, that verse finally began to make sense to me. When I saw this sunset over the water, it took me to that place of peace. No other issues matter. No worries to contemplate.

When you look at this picture, where does it take you?

in Serenity,

Stassi Nicole

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