Sundays with Stassi: Steps 2 Success

How can you be successful in life? Check out this list!

This week during the new student medallion ceremony, the president gave a David Letterman Top Ten list theme address titled: The 10 Keys to Academic Success. As I listened to the list, it became apparent that it applies to life in general and not just to college success.

Here’s my take on his list:
1. Never have a closed mind — Learning is a life long process. If you’re not learning, then you’re not growing.
2. Study like your life depended on it — or work like your life depends on it, because usually it does, especially if you’re the breadwinner for yourself or family.
3. View the next few years as a license to explore the world, and not a prison center — this should definitely apply to everyday life! TRAVEL!! Experiencing different places, cultures, people teach you more about yourself. If you are going to work everyday, find…

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