Sundays with Stassi: Sexy Pharmaceuticals

My inner Science nerd has been wanting to come out & play with the Sunday posts, so this week I let it…


GM folks! By now I am sure you have heard of the little blue pill for men. This pill, commonly known as Viagra, pops up on the tv in several commercials as a remedy for men who want to “do it,” but are physically unable to due to some softness. This pill was approved for use over 17 years ago and several additional research studies have focused on men’s sexual health, leaving us women behind. Of course, traditionally women have not been able to openly express any sort of sexual desires despite our overuse as sex symbols in mainstream media. So this perfect storm of problems has led to what many people are deeming a victory for women’s sexual health. However, I have my reserves…

Have y’all seen this new “Female Viagra” called Addyi? Well, third time’s the charm they say! It’s a failed antidepressant that was rejected 2…

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