Sundays with Stassi: Forbidden LOVE -The Friend pt.2

The story continues…part 2 of The Friend

For years prior I had been praying with my prayer partners about various life issues: finishing graduate school, finding a career, relocating to a nice, safe city (specifically a city with tall buildings and an airport LBVS), finding a church home, and characteristics of my husband. Those traits were very specific spiritual characteristics of a Godly Man. On the night of the dream I went to bed with a heavy heart about my relationship. While I was sleeping I began to have a dream. In that dream a voice called out each characteristic that I had previously prayed about. Every time a different characteristic was called out, the same name and face appeared…but it was NOT my current boyfriend. That was the moment I knew the answer to my prayers. That was the moment that I knew it wouldn’t work anymore. I woke up in tears because I knew that…

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