Sundays with Stassi: Island Lessons Pt. 1 (Week 1 edition)



  1. My apt can NOT have a beautiful view…especially if I have an early morning class. Waking up to the beauty of the sea that stretches far past the horizon or the mountains with houses tucked into it’s side, does not allow for the thought of productivity to enter into my mind.
  2. Fresh fruits/veggies is probably all I can afford. My first grocery store visit came with the hard reality that I have to completely change my eating habits…but then again…that has been the plan anyway. I have been reading all about the need to eat less processed foods, so being on the island will help with that because the price tag on processed foods does not seem to fit into my food budget. Luckily, there is ton of fresh fruits and veggies around so I guess it’s time to knock the dust off of my juice & blender!

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I’ve been wrecking my mind
Just trying to define
The beauty that I see
When the sun is staring at me
Just before it emits its greatest shine
Signaling that it’s completed its time
For this day.

But the words escape me
This indescribable glory that be
Stretching across the horizon like
Those famous across the court dunks by Mike
Listening to the sun’s last cry before it falls
Into the darkness that engulfs all
In the night.

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Sleepless Wandering

sleeping is so hard

I lie awake at night,
because so many thoughts run through my head.
I am empty inside,

because you let me run away from you.

My mind is stuck on repeat.
My mind is stuck on repeat.
My mind is stuck on repeat.

Why did you have to do it?
Why did you have to say it?

Why did you have to mean so much to me?


I didn’t need your hello.
I didn’t won’t your goodbye.
I couldn’t stand your….look into my eyes,

“I’m going to miss you.”


Why did you have to mean so much to me?
Why did you have to say it?

Why did you have to do it?

My mind is stuck on repeat.
My mind is stuck on repeat.
My mind is stuck on repeat.

Because you pushed me away from you,
I am empty inside.
Because the thoughts won’t turn off in my head,
I lie awake at night.

Ice Cream Sunday

Sunday Funday!

ice creamToday I enjoyed a tasty treat after church. My realtor mentioned that she stops by this ice cream truck on Saturdays and I was surprised to see it in the same parking lot on Sunday, so I braved through a few back streets and one ways to turn around to try out the ice cream! The ice cream is homemade and the wonderful creaminess and deliciousness emanating from that waffle cone made the twists and turns of the not-so-much of a U-turn well worth it. I chose to mix together a scoop of butter pecan and coconut and you can definitely taste the difference in this homemade heaven versus the store bought stuff. I think homemade ice cream and a stroll along the waterfront sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon treat for me…

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Sundays with Stassi: PEACE beyond Understanding 

Where do you find peace?

Growing up I always heard the bible verse that talks about having the Peace that Surpasses ALL understanding, but never really fully understood what it meant. After going through a few storms and figuring out how to not go crazy in the midst of those storms, that verse finally began to make sense to me. When I saw this sunset over the water, it took me to that place of peace. No other issues matter. No worries to contemplate.

When you look at this picture, where does it take you?

in Serenity,

Stassi Nicole

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Sundays with Stassi: Bday Faith Edition


What is Faith? What is Faith?

Every time you sit on the throne at my mom’s house, that picture is what stares back at you. So, you have no choice while you’re handling “business” to contemplate your life’s decisions…As I sat there a few days ago thinking about this day, the day that I turn 32 years old, I began to reflect on the current state of my life. I packed my stuff in Little Rock and moved my entire 1 bedroom apartment into my childhood room in my mom’s house in Georgia. Yes, you read that correctly!! An entire 1 bedroom apartment inside of ONE bedroom! So, you can imagine the boxes piled everywhere, the not being about to find anything, and the maneuvering around everything just to get in and out. I did not know if I would have another job, but I knew that I would not endure another year…

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Sundays With Stassi: When you see me running…5 tips to make me smile, not curse

I’m a runner. I’m a Runner.I AM A RUNNER
My running journey started casually in 2010 with occasional walk/runs around the 2.2 mile lake on campus. I loved this experience because it was secluded enough for privacy but still in the middle of campus in case I needed any emergency assistance. Once I moved on to Little Rock and joined Black Girls Run! Little Rock, I began to run in the wee hours of the morning with an amazing group of ladies. My solo runs would always be on the city running trails because I like to be alone. However, now, I am back in my hometown…a very small, country town in GA…and O.M.G. I absolutely HATE to run in my hometown! There’s no group support or scenic route or trails that I’m familiar with. I hate running on treadmills and tracks because they make me feel like…

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